10 days down on 2015

It’s the tenth day of 2015.

Guess what we missed?

Nowhere to be found are the flying cars, Nike self-strapping shoes and Professor Brown’s Time Machine using decades old stainless steel car running on fusion power. To think of it, should a flying vehicle can just be called an aircraft and not a flying car or something? Boeings and Airbuses can carry tonnes of loads and nobody bothers to call them Flying Ships or Flying Lorries? Because it will be absurd. Click/touch on the link below to view an example of an absurdity.


People will see one in awe and call them UFO instead. No, not Unidentifiable Flying Object, it’s Uncomprehending Flying Object.

But, hey, the new Star Wars movies is starting it’s third trilogy. Yes, Star Wars started in my father’s youths, to be digitally enhanced and made a trilogy of prequels in my youth, just to have sequels released just after my son is born.

That’s a whole three generations of Star Wars there. I wonder when will the war will end. Maybe when George Lucas get his hand of a light saber and handle it unskillfully that he cut his head of accidentally with it. But, I like Star Wars, very much.

Enough of the rants.

I started this site, or restarted my interest in writing (or typing), as a stepping stone towards a change of my life stage. It will be, as my previous blog i wrote during my varsity years, more towards my interest. Albeit, it is now for more new interest in Automotive, DIY and 3D-printing, mostly and intermittently filled with raves and rants on contemporary issues like why the neighbor’s dog don’t stop barking and how to get rid of the influx of cockroaches in the septic tank.

Okay, I’m kidding. I don’t want to be too serious. Serious is boring. Formality is boring but sometimes needed, partially to offend ridiculous people, which is fun, especially the Japanese.

So, bear with me. Read this site, I persuade you, or dare you. I promised to keep it interesting.


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