Apple want to make cars

Here’s a report from bloomberg.

After doing it in the dark, silently recruiting people from automotive industry to their company, Apple couldn’t hide it anymore.

They are moving towards making cars.

Interesting times we live in today. Those who are fans of the movies of silicone valley giants, “Jobs” or “The pirates of silicone valley” couldn’t anticipate that this company is turning their interest in cars.

Electric cars, that is.

Big names in automotive, GM, FORD, TOYOTA, HONDA and the lot, are now well into their hybrid technology.

Experts had mentioned that electric cars are the future, and that hybrids are just intermediates.

Electric cars are simpler to make. In 1930’s more electric cars are on the roads rather than their fuel burning counterparts. Detroit Electric was in the history. Fewer parts, less to worry about.

Google are also mulling about their first car, and what we know is, it will be equipped with self driving techs.

How will our motoring future will look like? It will be one interesting field to look at.


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