Prevé FL 2016

Proton-PreveFLProton-Preve-front-viewI had owned it for almost 3 years, now. By this time, many manufacturers opted to facelift their cars, giving minor improvements here and there, to keep investment low while attracting new buyers.

So, this is my take on photoshop for the facelift of Proton Preve. The top ones are the proposal, the bottom picture is the current Preve.

Reprofiled bumpers and bigger side garnishes for the front. Added a bit horizontal chrome trims. Foglamps deleted, at least in Malaysian market. Malaysian tends to misused it, however.

On the sides, contrast-color side mirror, long and slim chrome side and windows mouldings, a bigger sport rims and lower profiled tires. Not to forget, the BMW-style small side grille at the fenders.

Proton-Preve-183-Rear-Silver 2 Proton-Preve-183-Rear-SilverAt the back, these two pictures are the proposals I have.

The first one is the long throw, because side members needed to be changed to accommodate sharper-shaped rear combination lamps, which means new and expensive die have to be made for the outer side member panel. The rear bumper are given lower textured diffuser-like treatment. Chrome rear garnishes runs through the combination lamps. This is based on the clay model existed in design centre at Proton Open Day last year.

The second proposal retained the combination lamps shape, indicates lower investment. But, as per first design, the rear boot upper panel needed changes, as the lamps on the boot are deleted. The chrome rear garnish also extends towards the rear combination lamps.

Your comment?

Update: 2017 version of facelift Prevé was also attempted here.


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