Should the government rent or buy cars for their use?

Honda-derived Proton Perdana for Prime Minister
Honda-derived Proton Perdana for Prime Minister

Recently, the netizens are crying out loud about the RM221 Million the government of Malaysia spent on renting cars (Protons) from Spanco Sdn Bhd.

Cars ranges from Saga to Perdana, which are from the basic lots to the premiums, rated at RM973.84 to RM3,288.84. This translated to RM18.47 million per month.

So, is it best to rent or just buy the cars. Consider these practises we do in the corporate. Corporates tends to rent vehicles rather than buy them.


I bet, RM973.84 per month is for a Saga. For five years of roadworthiness, which government vehicles are usually, it totalled out to RM58430.40. These numbers are logical if we taking into account the loan repayment of 5 years and it’s total maintenance cost just before it is considered out of service, which is normally 5 years for high-mileage cars.

Mid-range Proton Saga FLX
Mid-range Proton Saga FLX

The mid-range Saga, according to Proton’s website will costs you about RM43662.00, or RM858.69 per month for 3.6% of interest rate as calculated from the loan calculator like this Maybank2U Hire Purchase calculator

By the way, Saga is the cheapest sedan in south east asia you can buy. The next closest thing on that price could be Honda Brio, at RM45k the least. When we mentioned Brio, we meant a very basic car Honda Malaysia won’t bring into our shores to protect their brand image here. A ridiculous Honda, not destined to our market, that is.

Honda Brio Amaze, the cheapest Honda Sedan in Thailand. You wont be amazed on this Honda, trust me.

Thus, leave us to only about RM115.00 to spare for maintenance every month.

I don’t know if Spanco had a good deal with Proton on maintenance discounts, but, at RM115.00 PER MONTH, including tyre change, oil change, fluid change and everything recommended things to maintain periodically, IT’S CHEAP!, considering the cars could have high-mileage because of frequent usage.

Imagine if the government bought all these cars and responsible to maintain on their own. Imagine if after 5 years, these cars are considered unroadworthy and there’s people still using it? Dangerous, considering these people could be your family members or friends.

What mind-boggling is the numbers of cars being rented and that’s also translated to a huge number of government servants our country has. That’s the real problem, it seems.

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