Why this Alfa Romeo will beat the crap out of BMW 3 series


Reviving the old nameplate, Giulia, Alfa Romeo introduced their flagship model of the recently unveiled revival plan. Pictured here as Quadrifoglio Verde variant, top off the line. This, makes Alfistis, the people who loves Alfa Romeos drool.

Giulia (pronounced as Julia), is a nameplate used in the 1960’s to their respective coupe. Pictured here is their 510bhp (yes, you read that right, 510bhp) Quadrifoglio version of the car, proven by the classic cloverleaf logo on the frontal wing which also houses a Ferrari-styled side vents, a sportier stances and elements such as rear spoiler and sportier black rims.


The frontal section of the car reveals that the bumper design is as similar with cars like the modern Camaro and Dodge Charger which extends to the hood surface to join seamlessly, mostly made for pedestrian safety in mind. And there’s classic and Alfa Romeo’s trademark V-shaped vertical grille.

The lower grilles implies that there is a registration plate holder or radar-based cruise control system destined for this car. But, what’s the point of a cruise control in an Alfa Romeo? Nobody’s buying Alfas just to get it running on the highway, right? What’s that 50-50 perfect weight distribution for?



There are hints of Maserati Ghibli at the back, and the fact that they shares some parts under the skin can explain that. However, that rear combination lights reminds me of the ones Kia use on their K5/Optima.

But, that four-pipes and surrounding diffuser, marvellous… Wonder what sound it will spurts through.

3.0 V6 twin turbo with cylinder activation will be the heart of this Quadrifoglio. This Ferrari-inspired engine will propel the curvaceous beast to 100km/h from standstill at 3.9 seconds, Alfa Romeo claims. But, a lesser variant could use turbocharged 1.4 and 1.8 litre. In Quadrifoglio form above, it’s rear wheel driven, but it is assumed that four wheel driven ones will be on the offering as well.


Well. Alfa Romeo’s cabin are always welcoming and driver-oriented ones. Premiumness is their stronghold. It feels sporty yet a special place to sit in, it literally makes you enjoys driving it even when you haven’t start the engine yet.

Not the same thing could be said of their built quality, though. Those who owns and deared Alfa Romeo’s understands this. Italians was never known for reliable products, anyway.

However, from the picture above, it reminds me of a recent Mazda. Good job Mazda for learning the Italians touches.

Alfa Romeo has only a few cars on it’s stable, the Giuletta, the MiTo and the latest Mazda co-developed 4C. They only sold about the same number of cars per year as our Malaysian Perodua. Albeit, they are selling worldwide rather than local. Just imagine how can they make money that way?

Will this Giulia beat the crap out of BMW sales chart? Be sure that Alfa Romeo will make that happen, or at least try.

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