End of semester project, The Matrix Phone, a.k.a Elmatrix

It’s been a while since my post about my 3d-printing project.

Elmatrix, in Tinkercad

This is my final design of The Matrix Phone, I called it Elmatrix.

Based on the internals of my Sony Ericsson Elm J10i (hence, the name, Elm+Matrix), it’s surely be more advanced than the original Samsung’s own The MatrixPhone, the SPH-N270 .

Samsung’s SPH-N270, nothing much rather than the cool look and extended screen cover. It was cool in 2003, still looks cool today.

Designed entirely in Tinkercad in 2 days using previous data of the internals of Sony Ericsson Elm.

Next step is to 3d-print this using my own Up!Mini which had been hacked to have 100 degree Celcius platform temperature instead of 60 degree C for better printing quality and accuracy, similar to Stratasys Mojo which worth RM35k each, 10 times it’s price!


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