2016 Proton Saga

We already know that 2016 Proton Saga is coming. Proton bread-and-butter A-segment basic sedan contender against Mitsubishi Attrage and Honda Brio were found many times roaming the roads. However, the spyshots of the mules is still having much camouflage. But the camouflages reveals some important features and changes that this Saga 3 had in compared to the current generation.

It suggests that the upcoming Saga had many in common shapes and most the underpinnings of the current one are carried over. For example, the hood and windscreen might as well be carried over from it’s predecessor. This suggests that the angle between the hood and the windscreen will be just the same.

Thus, here’s my take on how the shape of the upcoming Saga SE could be like.

Saga 2016
2016 Saga SE. The rear disc brakes will be way over the top, I guess. Image may not be reproduced without permission.
Current Saga FLX SE 1.6.

Derived from the Saga FLX SE, the changes are the headlamp, rear slopes and tail lights, bumper insert shape (enlarged), the rims (from GM) and also the door handles from Preve/Suprima/Iriz. The rear window shaope had a major change, it now have a quarter fixed window. Expect the new Saga will have fully wind down rear door window and better access to rear seat.

Everything else pretty much the same. The bodykits are the same as current Saga FLX SE, but I doubt so for the real thing to carry it over. The side character line were also made more prominent like the one on Preve/Suprima.

Compare it with the current Saga FLX SE up there, I think it looks better in proportion than the upcoming Proton Persona, which is a segment above competing against the likes of Honda City and Toyota Vios. The Saga will actually go against Perodua first sedan this year.

So, whaddayathing guys?


One thought on “2016 Proton Saga

  1. Hi, i owned a Saga SV and the upcoming Saga looks even better. Hopefully, Proton will offer better features especially on more economy fuel consumption to beat Bezza.

    Btw good reading. Keep it up! Thanks


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