This is how Proton Prevé facelift could look like

Preve Facelift
A bit of BMW, Jaguar slapped on the current face here and there.

The Perdana is coming, and it was speculated it will be launched together with the Persona.

The new Saga will also be launched later this year. You could also have an early idea of how they will compare to each other.

So, how the current C-segment, the recently-exported-to-Chile Prevé will look like when it is facelifted later (next year)?

I own one, and I like it very much. Bought it about four years ago, and it is already due for a product refreshment as any car model in the market.

Here’s the facelifted Prevé, an attempt of mashed up of BMW and Jaguar frontal styling to the current Prevé’s.

The lower bumper grille had been replaced with 2012 BMW 3 series and the headlamp was taken from the style of Jaguar of late.

The rims… well… a random search of the internet will do, and it looks like an evolution of current wheel, albeit a bit similar to Exora’s.

To look at how the rear could be designed better, please click the link here.

Some interesting question to note; will the facelifted Prevé solder on with 1.6 Turbocharged CFE with Punch wet-clutch CVT, or will we see any Campro VVT and 1.3 litre Turbocharged CFE in the product range paired with JATCO torque converter CVT?

So, whaddayathink of the facelift?


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