Perodua and me

Recently, Perodua had launched their latest fray into Malaysian automotive industry. Bezza, the first sedan rolled off their new and efficient Perodua Global Manufacturing plant in Serendah, Selangor.

I am a former employee of Perodua, particularly, I was a Design Engineer involved in the development of Perodua current models.

On 6th January 2009, I joined Engineering Design department, of Body Design section. The project I was in was the current Myvi, dubbed the Lagi Best Myvi. My motivation was the sedan Perodua planned to launch, supposedly in 2010, to tackle the evergreen demand for a booted car market of Malaysia. I left Perodua exactly 6 years and 1 month later, on 6th February 2015.

Perodua first sedan, Bezza. I thought I could involved in this until completion, but… (Picture taken directly from Perodua website)

Why I was so interested in involving to develop the first sedan for Perodua? It is mainly for these reasons:

  1. Perodua is a young, enthusiastic company. The intention is not actually trying to topple the bigger brother, Proton, but just want to prove itself worth to Malaysian development of automotive industry. The sedan was only meant to capture market, not rivalry. Take that for a sharp focus, and this is genuine.
  2. Perodua is a company driven by discipline and delivering quality. My 8 months of internship in the Engine Shop proves that. They develop people, quality first. A good place to learn, but, you have to bear the very steep learning curve. You have to learn, mostly by your own, by looking closely on the much developed technical standards of their oversea partner, Daihatsu Motor Company. Almost nobody is going to teach you anything, all on-the-job training, with this company. Make a mistake, you’ll learn from the mistake.
  3. Perodua is made of mostly young people. Young peoples have drives to further proves themselves. I want to be part of it. But, young could also spells careless, and I don’t see Perodua as careless. Look how they hold themselves persistent in customer relations.
  4. Finally, sedan is thought to be Malaysian bread and butter model for any brand to sell well in Malaysia. It will sell well. Imagine having something you had contributed upon roaming everywhere on the road and have the chance to be proud of it.

However, Perodua has little and very shallow experience developing their very own vehicle. Mostly, are iterations, in the likes of first generation Myvi and Viva, and before Bezza, they are major iterations from donor cars from Daihatsu line ups.

They slowly develop their capabilities, like how the Big Brother Proton did. Some would say too slow. But Perodua counter it back as slow, but sure. Better than bragging you had developed an Asian bmw, but failed to deliver, then blames the vendors entirely for it… (ehem… you know what brand I’m talking about, right?)

What did I do in Perodua? What projects I had involved? What have I learnt?

What do I think of Bezza?

Well, I’ll continue next.


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