What if: The Tuah’s face is retained

The Proton Preve conceptualized by Proton Tuah concept in 2010. It was shown in Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show along with 4 other Pahlawan concept, named after the infamous 5 Malay warrior of Malacca Sultanate.

Proton Tuah concept from KLIMS 2010. Studio photo from Proton page.

However, concept cars, usually they are out of this world styling, and mostly follows the theme of the show and to gauge public responds. Manufacturing considerations are out of the question and they are mostly are clay models wrapped in stickers or paint with actual parts produced by rapid prototyping. But, not all are not feasible for production, some elements are close enough, but may be dropped because of cost issues.

So, what if some of that face were materialized to production form?

Here’s how. I’d put the single-graphic headlamp-grille from Tuah onto Preve’s face.

Preve with tuah face.jpg
Preve, with Tuah’s face, blackened side mirror covers and chrome door frame sashes.




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