Persona SUV (Aeroback)

Proton Persona based SUV… How do you like it?

The Persona launched by Proton in August this year had a back portion reminiscing those on the BMW X6. So I thought it could be spawned into a jacked-up sedan SUV with some body-clads and bigger tyres.

That doesn’t look really out of the likes of Honda HR-V and Toyota upcoming C-HR, does it?
Give it a 1.3 Turbo in the range of 140bhp and 190Nm, a big hatchback like Gen2 and an optional hybrid 4WD system (well, it might be too far off), it won’t be disappointing…

…and revive the Aeroback nameplate back!

But, I don’t really think it will happen, not sooner, since Proton’s collaboration with Suzuki are considering to re-badge the Vitara for our market. The upcoming Ertiga mini MPV will be a test for Suzuki-based localized product for our market. Here in Miri, we could see some Brunei-plated Ertiga around, I would say it is not bad at all.


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