MIKROFAKTORIE ENTERPRISE: Your affordable 3D-Printing service

3 Simple steps to own your own custom made designs
3 Simple steps to own your own custom made designs

Welcome to Mikrofaktorie Enterprise!

We offer you an affordable 3D-Printing services.

What is 3D-Printing, you asked?

To get an idea of 3D-Printing is, have a look at these videos from Youtube;

What can you benefit from 3D-Printing?

We would say, limitless!

These videos will shows you how 3D-Printing had benefit people, and animals!

Anything can be done with 3D-Printing!

Here are some examples of things made by 3D-Printing.
You can get some from websites like Thingiverse.com and the pictures of some 3D-Printed items made.

Unique smartphones casings
Unique smartphones casings
Unique Door Stopper
Unique Door Stopper
“Door Stopper Man” from Thingiverse

How can you use our service?

If you had ideas you had been thinking; whether it is making a Remote Control Car/Plane parts, Go-Pro custom-made camera mountings, phone casing, or as simple as a badge/nameplates for your bikes/cars/helmet, we can help you realize it!

Your design can also be made with soft and flexible material such as vinyl, Silicone or RTV rubber by creating the mould with 3D Printing.

Here’s an example of the product made with 3D Printed mould.


What is our rate?

Our standard printing rate is RM2.00/gram, 
which weight includes the support structure of the object to be made.

 It's cheap and affordable!
 *Subjected to professional fee if designing is requested, and courier charges

Any inquiries, please contact:

Tel/Whatsapp: +60193068817
Email: mikrofaktorieenterprise@gmail.com

Leave your comment below for queries and bookings:


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